Friday, September 16, 2011

Thank You, Dottie

Earlier this year, during the summer, I "met" someone on a card making Yahoo list. Turns out she only lives about 60 miles from me, so we decided to meet at a neutral spot (Mickey D's) near her home and introduce ourselves properly. Turns out that we "hit it off" right away. Not only did we have our enjoyment of cardmaking in common, but seveal other things, so we got together more times. I usually go up to Dottie's home because I don't mind driving, and due to medical issues, Dottie isn't comfortable driving. In return, Dottie provides lunch, and we spend several delightful hours visiting and crafting.

My birthday is tomorrow (17th September), so on my last visit, Dottie surprised me with a lovely Cherry-Lynn butterfly die. It is absolutely stunning. Being the proper "Southern lady" that I am, a gift meant a proper (mailed) thank you. So, I set out to make, not only a thank you card, but one using the lovely gifted die. The above card was the outcome.

I really like the die very much, but even more, I love having a "new" friend. Friendships are such blessings, and we all need them. I do feel very blessed to have met such a wonderful lady and friend in Dottie. She is lots of fun and a joy to be around. 


  1. Very pretty, love the butterflies
    Hugs julie P

  2. Next to family, our friends are our dearest treasures, aren't they?
    So glad you made a new one...who doesn't like to find a new treasure...ha!
    Gorgeous card, sweetie....she'll keep it forever, I'll bet.

  3. Jenee....thanks for the advice about the seed beads...boy, was I exhausted...ha!
    I do have a tray to use for this sort of thing, but one of my grand kiddles had borrowed it to grow mustard seeds....haaaaaaaaaaaa!

  4. such a beautiful card, and that butterfly is a stunner!
    hugs, annie x

  5. Hi Jenee, I hope you had a wonderful birthday (back in September, mines the 4th) crafting with your friend. How wonderful that you can get together! This is a beautiful creation.... it is so delicate!