Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

OK, so the little card I'm sharing has nothing to do with Christmas; however, the hubby and I have spent the past two days putting up our decorations and getting ready for the holidays. Well, we did take time out yesterday to celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary with a nice date that included a lovely dinner and a movie. (I know, such a sedate celebration, but you know we ARE over 50, eh?) I also took time out today to make the above little card for a dear friend who recently had surgery.

I do so adore those little House Mouse images. I remember reading somewhere that the artist paid her way through college with those little images. So see, mice can be nice (grin). My younger daughter actually had quite a cute little rodant as a pet at one time. We also went through a number of hamsters (which are actually meaner) as well. Those days are past now, and I do think I much prefer the rubber stamp variety of mice at this stage in my life.

At any rate, this little card will go postal tomorrow (along with a gift for my oldest grandson who will soon be turning 18). I hope my friend will quicky and properly heal and that this little card will bring her a smile.

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  1. These mice are so sweet! Very touching! Love your Bow and roses!