Thursday, July 25, 2013

Out of My Comfort Zone

I think I may have mentioned before that I get together with a girlfriend every other Wednesday to craft, shop, do lunch -- whatever we're in the mood to do. She lives about 60 miles away, but we have fun, so it is worth the trip. Yesterday was "that" Wednesday. My friend is a bit of a crafting "shopaholic" so I never know what new things we are going to have to play with until I get there (smile).

So, before going on with my story, let me review a few things. This will come as no surprise to many of you, but  I (1) tend to be a bit OCD, so stick to clean lines, symmetric, balanced layouts, and an organized style; (2) tend to be rather conservative in my design approach; (3) many of my cards tend to pretty much look similar. I think my cards are pretty, but I don't tend to be overly adventurous or experimental -- um, sadly the word stodgy is popping into my head (yikes, please say it isn't so!).

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. My girlfriend and I decided yesterday, based on some recent purchases of hers, that we were going to venture out of our comfort zones. We had no real idea or direction in mind, but as I looked at the embossing folders and dies she had, my Muses kept whispering grunge (OK, they were actually having to yell since that style is so totally alien to my general nature).

White base card smudged with brown ink was already a stretch for me (sigh), layered with black and then the embossed kraft (also smudged with the brown ink) was really pushing it (LOL)! The embossing folder, I believe, is a Tim Holtz design. Topped all of that off with some Spellbinder dies (also smudged) and a couple of colored rhinestones (you can't quite catch them in the photo, but there is one on each side of the sentiment die and one holding the hands of the clock. Not a whole lot of "design work" going on, but a giant leap for me since I was starting to hyperventilate and go into a panic attack at this point (not really; just kidding). It was actually kind of fun to go in a totally different direction, get messy and abandon all my normal restraints -- at least for this one time -- however, I think I'm going to leave grunge to that adorable Tim Holtz and just go back to being my comfortable, stodgy self. That's what truly makes ME happy!


  1. I think you have done a terrific job doing grunge Jenee..have never inked an embossing folder in my life but the effect is really striking here.Smudging?..well I do that a lot but normally by accident then have to add another card Jenee.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  2. This may be out of your norm Jenee, but it's fantastic! Love the postcard embossing and all the inking!

  3. Hi Jenee - When I first saw your card I thought "WOW" I absolutely love what you have done. You did an amazing job and I never would have known you had never attempted such a task before. I certainly understand what you are talking about because I am the same way and yet I find myself drawn to mixed media, watercolor, grunge - everything that is messy and amazing all at the same time. By the way - your creations are not stodgy at all. I am back in blog land and can't wait to do some more looking at all the creations you have made these past several months.

    Hugs and smiles


  4. Glad you stepped out of your comfort zone as this card is just wonderful. The blues, blacks and kraft look amazing together.


  5. Jenee, i super like the's awesome..i will have to try that..i thought, what challenge is this? I like how it was just a personal did great! I'm still trying to grasp what you you embossed kraft paper, how did you make the letters raised, black?