Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Not Winter

This week the Tuesday Morning Sketches challenge is being sponsored by our own teammate, Debbie Foster. She is offering a super prize and has also "suggested" that the challenge have a theme of winter. Well, I really don't "do" winter well. It is my least favorite of the four seasons, so I've revolted! (Actually, I had already done my card before I learned of the winter theme, so I'm not really as revolutionary as I sound.)

Let me share the sketch and the prize with you before I continue:

My image this week is by Magnolia. The butterfly is printed onto Cryogen card and colored with Copic markers. This card is actually a little prettier in person as the photo has caused the pink to appear darker than it is. It actually matches the printed background quite nicely and really isn't as garish as it appears here.

We have been very fortunate this year in that the cold weather has been minimal here in Georgia. We did recently have a light dusting of snow, but not weeks and weeks of biting cold. I do feel for those people who live up north, but then many of them don't actually mind. Whether you decide to go with a winter theme (optional) or not, we would like you to join us in this week's challenge. Stop by the Tuesday Morning Sketches blog; we always enjoy the company.


  1. Stunning card Jenee, I love the pretty blend of colours and that butterfly is beautiful.

  2. Way to be a rebel Jenee! I love the card. Great butterfly image and really great colors.

  3. Very pretty!! Even in the pic, the pink looks great, but I can't seem to get my pics to look as good as the card does IRL, either.

  4. Beautiful card! Your brightly colored butterfly made me smile when I saw it.