Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chance to Win

Alas, there is no new creation from me today. I have spent the week dealing with a kidney infection which was not only quite painful, but which zapped me of energy and creativity. The antibiotics the doctor put me on have (finally) helped, and I am feeling better (enough so that I'm now irritated that my week has been "wasted" - grin). I seldom get sick, so I'm afraid I don't have much patience when I do come down with something.

Anyway, I did want to post about a fantastic give away over at This lovely lady not only does the most beautiful cards, but every week she very generously sponsors the most wonderful eye candy. Sadly, I've not had the good luck to win any of that eye candy, but I keep trying. If you like those darling Magnolia stamps of charming little girls and boys (Tilda and Edwin), then this is the deal for you! Diana, the owner at Magnolia-licious, is offering a $25 gift certificate as this week's prize. However, you have to hurry. You need to submit your link before Tuesday night in order to be eligible for the drawing. That's all you have to do -- no card submission; no linking anything from the page; nothing, nada, nil. Simply go to the linky frog at the bottom of the post and enter your blog URL, your name and your email address. If you don't have a blog, then you can submit your name via email (it is all explained on Jacque's blog site.

So, run on over, submit your name, and you may be the winner (if you win, though, you have to share your prize with me - ROFLOL - no, I'm just kidding, but maybe you'll have better luck than I (grin)!

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