Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Amber

Today is my younger daughter's birthday. (I won't tell you which birthday, though - grin!). This morning my husband asked me if I'd made a card for Amber. He got very upset when I told him I had not gotten one made. Now I fully intended to make one, and since I won't be seeing her until around 6:00 this evening, I knew I had enough time to come up with something special for her. However, dear Hubs went into a panic. He informed me I HAD to get one made or Amber's feelings would be hurt. Sigh, men can be so silly at times (smile).

Anyway, since that was before 9:00 am this morning, I took my time, had my breakfast, read my emails, and then went into the craft room. A dear friend and I were recently discussing the fact that I like easel cards, but never think about making them when I start a new card. She challenged me to make an easel for the very next card I made. Well, turns out that Amber's card is the very next one, so easel it is! I apologize for the poor photos. They are darker than usual despite the same lighting, but immediately after I took the last picture, the camera turned off -- dead battery -- so I'm using that as my excuse for the less than stellar pictures (as the saying goes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!).

So, happy birthday to one of my sweet girls. Now I need to get a card made for her "little" bro whose birthday is five days from today -- can't wait as long to make his 'cause it has to get in the mail.


  1. Wonderful card, I'm sure DD will be delighted with this one. Great image.


  2. Hi Janee...that's pretty cool that your hubby asked you to make a card! He must love your work! And, oh...what a gorgeous card it is!! Your DPs are perfect! And your adorable LOTV image is just beautiful!!! Your daughter is a lucky lady!! Hugs...Pat Frank