Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two View Points

Bonnie Kohane's Card

My Card

I was the last person to leave my friend's house after our crafting weekend because my flight was the latest. Bonnie wanted to enter the Challenge at Mo's Digital Pencil, so I suggested she go ahead and work on the card while I was there, and I'd just chit-chat with her while she was working (my suitcase was already packed with all my craft supplies). Bonnie had just purchased a new little 6" x 6" paper pad, and the papers were so nice and very masculine looking. We liked them so much that Bonnie insisted that I at least make the base card using the papers as it would be easy for me to just slip it into my bag or my purse for bringing home. 

The first card above is Bonnie's card. After looking at her Mo Manning images, we decided little Spike would be cute (she wanted a little boy dressed up in Daddy's clothes, but we didn't find exactly what she had in mind, so substituted Spike -- which I think turned out adorable!). After colouring her image and cutting him out, she decided she would like to use some kind of pun that emphasized the moustache; thus her saying. Finally, she asked me what I thought about her putting a moustache on Spike -- well I, of course, thought the idea was perfect, so fussy-cutting one of the little images from the background paper and using a 3D foam dot, her little card was ready for her to enter into the challenge.

I did not have an image nor sentiment in mind for my card until after I got back home. Going through my Mo Manning images, I found "Introducing Oskar." Doesn't he look like a sweet grandfather? After colouring him up, fussy cutting him out and mounting him to my card, I printed off my sentiment. It was not quite the one I wanted to use, but it works. That same sentiment would also work for birthday -- I don't know why I decided to use anniversary -- just one of those spur of the moment thoughts, I guess. I just felt that the original verse was incomplete and needed the last part to indicated the purpose of the card.

So there you have it -- two view points for the same background which is one of the fun things about creativity -- even when using the same supplies, we may see things differently -- we add our own style, personality, view point. Wouldn't this world be totally boring if we all saw things exactly the same -- well, probably not since we wouldn't know anything different -- but I'm sure glad we are free to create our own beautiful environment -- whatever that may be for each of us.


  1. I liked how you wrote about our adventure in crafting...too bad we can't do this everyday!

  2. Just goes to show that when creativity steps in, the same starting point can end in very different destinations...well done to you both!
    BTW, Jenee......have you noticed that the new blogger word verification is very trying? I'm struggling to read the given words....must mean I'm a robot...ha!
    I've had to make 3 attempts to publish my comment here....sigh.

  3. Oops.....seems Mr. Blogger decided to publish both my comments...strange.
    The previous one was the one I was trying to leave, before you turned off the troublesome word verification...much quicker, now!
    Thanks, Jenee. :)

  4. Hi Jenee,
    I like your work very much!!!
    Love, Petra xxx