Sunday, June 22, 2014

In the Zone

I have a friend with whom I get together about twice a month. We'd get together more often, but she lives 64 miles from me (which equates to about 1.5 hrs. travel time). I've mentioned my friend before so you know that we craft or go shopping (usually for crafting supplies) or out to eat, etc. when we get together. Sometimes we even let our Hubs join us for the eating and shopping, but NEVER for the crafting -- they are on their own when we get into the zone (smile). Since my friend does not like to drive, I make the trek to her house. 

The last time I visited, I took a sheet of Magnolia images that I had colored up at some time but never made into cards. As many of you know, I prefer the coloring over the actual card construction, so I often print off a sheet (or several) or use up scrap pieces of X-Press It by inking up random stamps which I will then color whenever time permits (or I'm in the mood). Sadly, I'm not doing enough coloring lately, and I feel I'm losing some of my coloring skills. Anyway, that's neither here nor there (sounds like a personal problem - LOL). I made this card using one of the images I took to my friend's house.

The card base is orange with a single layer of DP. The die cut is from a Spellbinder die that belongs to my girlfriend. While I have a lot of the same dies that she has, I don't have this one so I am unable to give you the number or name. I cut the die from blue card (matching the blue in the background paper) and then I cut my image using the middle die from the same Spellbinder set. The flower on the corner is made from three white material flowers (may be Prima) which we sprayed with homemade orange mist (using acrylic paint and water). The three flowers, once dry, were put together with an orange brad. There are three leaves on each side of the flower. The two larger ones (on each side) were cut with a die, and the smaller one (each side) were cut using a Martha Stewart punch.

Simple, but colorful, the inside of this card contains a verse about hoping one's dreams come true and having a happy birthday. I think little yoga Tilda is cute, but I discovered it is a difficult image to match to a sentiment. Took me the longest of time to figure out what type sentiment to use and for which occasion. 

So, now that I've totally sent all of you into shock with a posting out of the clear blue (and not even for a DT commitment), I need to issue a warning. We are having some remodeling done to our house. We've got extra noise, people, equipment, etc. which is going to last for approximately 6-8 weeks -- not always conducive to the creative process. We are also starting to get product from the garden. I've got cucumbers right now that need to be pickled (or given away), but we also had green beans that had to be canned, so those took priority. Tomorrow the new water heater gets installed which is going to be an all day project because new water pipes have to be run from the main line to the house. Lastly, I have to get laundry for my grandson (who lives with us) done so that he can pack and be ready to leave Wed. for a month out of town. You notice I've not really stated any consequences to this hectic schedule -- don't want to put any self fulfilling possibilities out there -- but I'm just saying, you know, if you miss hearing from me on a regular basis (LOL). . . . . . . . .


  1. Dear Jenee, you have such a full life right now! I'm so glad that you were able to join a friend for some crafting fun and your card has turned out beautifully! <3

  2. It's fun to just create because you feel like it, not because you have a commitment to do so. I think as always your coloring is awesome!