Sunday, July 24, 2011

No Particular Reason

Today I got into the craft room with the sole purpose of using up some of the images that I have colored and restocking my card stash. I had no challenge in mind. I had no specific event in mind. I told myself not to worry about being creative, just create. So that is what I did. I ended up with three sweet little cards, a big mess, and some relaxing time.

I had to laugh, though. I looked around my craft room when I finished and thought, "What happened?" Not too many years ago, I was one of those organized crafters who always cleaned up after each project. If I made a layout or a card, I put everything away before I started on the next one. At the end of my crafting session, my room looked as neat and orderly as it did when I began. Not any more! If someone were to see my room right now, they might get the mistaken notion that I actually create something (grin). There is paper on several surfaces, packets of flowers overflowing in another area, rolls of ribbon, scissors -- so much not in its place -- and yes, everything does have a place.

I'm laughing even harder because it used to be that if my environment was a mess and unorderly, I could not function. The clutter would distract me, and I would have to stop and clean up. Where did this "sloppy" crafter come from? Surely there is an alien that has taken over my body. Oh well, whatever it is, if I can continue to be as productive as I was today (albeit perhaps not quite as creative), then we'll just let the slob alone. She's at least getting some cards made!

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