Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandson

Saturday was my youngest grandson's birthday. He turned 14, and I'm ashamed to admit that I totally procrastinated putting a card together for him. I was scurrying at the last minute and made this one, but it totally isn't what I originally had in mind. Collin isn't a musician nor really that "into" music. He is into gaming (X-Box/DS3), tennis or cross country racing/running, but not music. I saw several digital images that would have worked for his interests, and I had even bought, some time back, the Magnolia Edwin tennis player with Collin in mind. Did I buy or use any of those -- well, as you can see, the answer is NO.

Despite it being a special young man's special day, I just could not seem to get my "act together" nor my Muses working! Consequently (shhh, don't let this get out), I ended up using an image that I already had coloured up -- the above little rocker guy ("Rockin Kody" by Some Odd Girl). OK, I figured I could just tie it in, even though it wasn't REALLY Collin by using the sentiment "You Rock." Did I? Umm, well, you can see I didn't. I'm really hanging my head at this point :-(

So, all things being what they were (and my having dropped a couple notches on the "Super Grandmother" scale), the card was made and given (along with an appropriately nice gift), and being the polite, gracious little kid (er, I mean young man) that Collin is, he made adequately appreciative remarks. Thanks, Sweetie, next year I promise to do better!


  1. What a very sweet and good-natured young man....a chip off the old block, indeed, lol.
    I can totally understand your logic.....scary, eh?...and have been in this very same position. Good job we have forgiving and polite grandkiddles...haa!
    Your card is a joy, by the way.....and I bet he actually enjoyed it.

  2. Jenee what a super card fab image well done Hugs Elaine

  3. Fabulous card, love the cute image.

  4. This is a very cool card none the less! I'm sure that the fact that you remembered and made the effort for him will be far more important to him! I'm positive that you are still "Super Grandma" in his eyes!