Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Revisited

On Sunday, I quickly put a card together to enter in the Tuesday Morning Sketches challenge. I should know myself well enough after all these years to know that I was not going to be happy with something I did quickly. The card was not up to par, in my opinion, and looked rather incomplete. As much as I like the season, fall colors on my cards are not something I'm comfortable with. Even my daughter, who came over that evening, took a look at the card and did not care for it -- bless her heart, she was diplomatic about telling me that it was lacking.

So, this morning I went into my craft room with the determination to salvage as much of the card as I could. I removed the Magnolia image and the stamped leaves and replaced them with this little shaker ghost I found in my stash. I also added the little silver metal dots (I think those are called candy dots) to each corner. Lastly, I added he word Boo in the upper right "square." The card is still a bit plainer than my usual style of cards, but it will now make a cute Halloween card for my little granddaughter, and I am a bit more satisfied. (Still later in the evening, I found some cute little resin pumpkins in my stash that would have been cuter in the corners than the silver candy dots, but I opted to just save them for another time -- one revision is more than enough.)

Despite not being terribly thrilled with my challenge entry (original) card, I think things happen for a reason. If you visited me on Sunday, you will have read about my fnding a glue gun that I've been missing for over a year. If I had not been determined to enter the TMS challenge (you will also remember I made a card on Saturday to enter, but it did not meet the "fall" requirement), I would not have found the glue gun (I did so miss the long, thin nozzle for getting into tight places!). Yes, the sweet Hubs had bought me a replacement for my birthday (which we are going to exchange), but now I will get something else that I want rather than having two of the same thing -- double plus there (grin)!

So, just wanted to share the remake. Hope you enjoy. Drop back to see me again when you have time. I always enjoy visits with nice people -- and we all know that crafters are nice people!


  1. Oh, what a giggle! Now, tell me....how does anybody just "happen" to have a cute shaker ghost in their stash, and not gotten around to usin' him yet? He's adorable! I don't know why you aren't comfortable with the fall colours, because you've made something very cute and extremely acceptable, and your ikkle granddaughter will love it!

  2. Oh! Jenee, that did make me laugh....been there done that.I love this cute card, what a fabulous shaker ghost and Autumn colours..super card..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  3. Aww, he is too cute! I love his little belly!