Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dude

This week's challenge image from Designed2Delight is this adorable little skater dude. As I colored the image, I kept thinking that he is just too cute to be a real skater. My 15 years old grandson, who IS a skater, would be laughed out of the park if he showed up at the ramp looking as cute and colorful as my little guy above. Heck, the most colorful thing about a real skater is his deck!

Anyway, I did have fun with my little skater dude. Cards for men and boys are hard to do because there are so few images appropriate for them, so I was glad this little guy showed up in my email box on Friday. Unfortunately all three of my grandsons, come next month, will officially be teenagers, so cute little boy images such as this one just won't qute work anymore. Why do they insist on growing up? Do they not realize that we grandmothers love them as young men, but really miss those cute "little" guys they used to be? Alas, that's life -- which really is a good thing.

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  1. Your cards are just amazing Jenee! And I love your blog. Good job!