Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joe

I just realized that this entry and the the one before last both start with Happy Birthday. A friend of mine's husband will be celebrating his 60th birthday next month (June), so she wants to surprise him with 60 birthday cards. She has asked family and friends to all send cards. What a fun way to commemorate a new decade of life, eh?

I really don't like birthdays all that much. On the one hand, I'm glad I am still having them, but on the other hand, I'm not so fond of the numbers. My mother and I shared our birthday. I was born on her 20th. This September will be the 3rd year I will celebrate without her. Birthdays all tended to be glumped together in my family. My sister was born the day before my Dad's birthday. My older daughter was born two days after my husband's birthday. My younger daughter and my son are both August children, five days apart. My oldest grandson and my granddaughter, his cousin, share the same date, ten years apart. My mother used to joke and say that made it easier for us to remember them.

Anyway, the card pictured above is the card I made for Joe. Making cards for men is a lot harder than for women. Most images tend to be more feminine in nature than masculine. I think this one worked out rather well -- gotta love those little House Mouse mice -- they work for everybody!

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