Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dabbler - Master of None

Even thought my posts thus far have showcased recent cards that I've made, I don't just make cards. Over the years (and there have been many), I've dabbled in all kinds of craft forms from crocheting, knitting and needle arts to decorative/tole painting, scrapbooks and cards. I've done many and mastered none. I didn't learn any of those crafts "at my grandmother's or mother's knee," so I didn't grow up learning them. They all just entered my life for one reason or another, and I can't really pin-point, for most of them, the why. I think the creative process is important. I think we should pass the joy of making something, if we can, to our children and grandchildren. The creative process, no matter which medium or form, teaches problem solving, creative thought and adaptability. Crafters tend to be happier people. Crafters see beauty in the mundane. Crafters build and create, and they give of themselves. OK, not everyone is a Monet, Van Dyke or Angelo. So what? What we create with our heads, heart and hands is just as lovely and valuable as the painting of those masters. Besides, the process can be fun and relaxing (if we let it be and don't get too hung up on the outcome). CREATE -- even a copy is original when it is done by YOU!

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