Friday, April 15, 2011

Send a Card

I have a friend who periodically sends out cards to numerous people. There is no set pattern to when she sends her cards. Some of the cards are quite simple, computer generated, and some are a bit more involved handmade ones. I don't know how many cards she sends out, but it is her way of touching the lives of people she knows (and probably many she doesn't know -- I'm not sure). There is always an uplifting little message inside her cards, and they always seem to arrive when the recipient REALLY needs them (how she always knows is amazing because she lives hundreds of miles from many of the people who receive her little cards). Since I've gotten back into card making myself, it struck me that maybe my friend would also like to be surprised on occasion with a card (turning the tables, sort of speak), so I made this little card for her. I feel ashamed that for a number of years, I've been the recipient of my friend's kindness but only returned it during those "usual" card sending times (holidays, birthdays, etc.). It made me stop to think about how often I may have willingly taken without giving back -- and I'm not just talking about cards. Our friends, family and loved ones are special gifts that are given to us. We should treat them as treasures, and yet, it is so easy to go day after day taking their presence in our lives for granted. In less than a year, my friend lost her father, mother and husband to death. However, even in her sadness, she continues to think about other people and reach out to them. A simple little act, a card, and yet what a tremendous message of love it brings. I resolve to start being more like my friend. Little acts of kindness can sure make someone feel good. I know, because I just received another card in the mail! Thanks dear friend.


  1. What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing with us! You are so right, sometimes the smallest gesture can do so much.

  2. I think you just gave me an idea Jenee :) That is so sweet of you to send a card to your friend, I am sure she will love it and definitaly will appreciate the gesture.