Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Here??

Typical of Georgia weather, we've had a myriad of temperatures and conditions for over a month. Spring flowers have bloomed or are blooming, but Mother Nature hasn't been convincing that spring is here for good. One day we wear short sleeves only to have to pull out sweats the next. However, our first Hummingbirds have made their arduous journey back and arrived two days ago. My dear Hubs puts out feeders each year and annually feeds a population of no less than a dozen upwards of the amazing little hummers. Their antics keep us entertained from April to October as they vie for their turn at the feeders. With the belief that our little feathered friends are truly a sign that spring is actually here, I am sharing my little granddaughter's spring/Easter project. As I mentioned, she is quite the little crafter. She doesn't allow me to help her very much when she is creating, so I usually stand back (in awe) and let her Muses do their thing. After creating the bunny and chick using my Cricut machine, she decorated them and attached them to a cardstock "box." She added the handle using glue dots and brads. She plans to put "grass" and plastic eggs inside the box and use this for an Easter decoration. (She's just waiting for her Ma'am to take her to the craft store to buy the grass.) I encourage her to be creative as much as I can by giving her free reign of my craft supplies. I think she does a pretty good job!


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