Monday, April 11, 2011

The Differences Among Us

That cute little bunny image was a freebie from Dustin Pike of Doodle Dragon Studios. Two girlfriends and I challenged each other to download the image and create a card (or cards) using it. We did not show each other our images until we had all completed the task. It was fun to see how each of us had approached the coloring and the card making. One of my friends used similar colors as mine, but she added a textured embossing element to the tail to give it a fuzzy look. My other friend went entirely whimsical with her image and colored her bunnies (she did several) pink or blue. All three of us made multiple cards using the image, and our cards were equally different in style. As you can see, I created one card in more traditional Easter colors and gave it a feminine look. I created the other to appear more masculine by using deeper colors. For a fun learning experience, challenge some of your card making friends to a similar project. You may enjoy, as I did, seeing the differences and similarities in the art process between you and your friends.

Have fun and color happy,


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