Thursday, April 14, 2011

Like a lot of people, I am a total Christmas nut! I love all aspects of Christmas, the spiritual and the secular. The idea of a wee slip of a girl, barely in her teens, giving birth to the Son of God is so awesome. It takes my breathe away. As for the securlar, well, who cannot delight in the wonder and joy seen in the eyes of little ones when they glimpse a jolly old man in a red suit? Anything that brings happiness and magic to the lives of children the way just the thought of Santa Clause does -- well, that cannot be bad.

I don't like the commercialism that has now become so prevalent with the Christmas season. I can become quite a curmudgeon when I even think about the amount of money that is spent on gifts and toys at Christmas. The concept of handmade gifts from the heart is so much more romantic and in keeping with the original concepts of the holiday. Sadly, few people have the time or inclination to hand create gifts, and then there are many who view handmade gifts with distain as if they are inferior or less worthy. I, personally, treasure handmade gifts. It thrills me to think someone took the time to make something specifically for ME!

The day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been the day we put up our Christmas tree. Before my husband and I down-sized our living space, we would often put up 2-3 trees. I get very excitged pulling out ornaments each year. Ninety-nine percent of my ornaments are handmade, either by me, my children, friends, or crafters from various craft shows I've attended. They are made from wood or cloth or gourds or beads -- a variety of materials -- but, like the spirit of the wonderful holiday for which they are intended, they all represent giving of oneself. Each one has a little bit of the creator in it. Each is unique and original in its creation. Now, how very special is that?


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