Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pinkie Momise

Children are so cute when they are trying to learn to speak and master language. Developmentally they learn different sounds at different points, so many of the words and phrases they start out using are quite charming and endearing. My children and grandchildren have all used terms that were so cute that they became part of the family vocabulary long after the child mastered the correct pronunciation. My son, hearing his two older sisters talk about wanting to purchase Calvin Kline jeans, announced that he didn't want any "Calvin Clown" jeans. Sorry Mr. Kline, but from that point to this day, you are Calvin Clown to this family. When my granddaughter, now seven, was between two and three years old, her older brothers engaged in the then current trend of making "pinkie promises" which required the two participants to link their little fingers together and declare "pinkie promise" to each other. This was serious stuff because a pinkie promise was even more binding than crossing one's heart. Not yet able to make the pr sound in words, my granddaughter substituted the m sound so that promise became momise. I happened to have my camera out taking photos when I overheard and was able to capture Claire soliciting a "pinkie momise" from her two brothers. Yes, to this day this family still makes momises to each other rather than promises, but isn't it those little things that make a family special and tie us to each other? I think so -- pinkie momise!!

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