Friday, June 28, 2013


Hi everyone! No card tonight, but I do want to talk about Bloglovin. As many of you are aware, Google Reader will stop as of 1 July 2013. Just a few days away, as a matter of fact. I treasure each one of you who kindly follow my blog. Each time I open my blog to share something new, I look at the pictures of you wonderful people, and I have to say that I am going to missing that aspect of my blog.

In preparation of this day, I started using Bloglovin' about a month ago. Bloglovin' is similar to Google Reader in that I receive a daily synopsis of new entries on the blogs that I personally follow, and I can open the individual blogs from there. When I signed up for Bloglovin, I was asked if I wanted to import the list of blogs that I've been following with Google Reader, and I answered yes. That was it -- easy-peasy, and supposedly all of my blogs have been switched over to the new reader.

The one thing that I have noticed thus far is that I don't get a list of the blogs that I follow. I am sure your Google Reader is the same as mine in that I see the full list of ALL the blogs I follow in a column to the left of the section that shows which blogs have a new posting for that day. This allows me to visit those blogs even if they have not posted something that particular day -- a handy reminder to me of the names of the various blogs I follow. I admit that I follow a lot of blogs -- there are just so many wonderful artists and crafters out there in Blogland -- and when you get as old as me, it helps to have a visual list to jog the memory! I haven't figured out yet what I'm going to do about the lack of a list -- need to figure out a solution very soon, though.

I won't keep you any longer with my ramblings. My purpose for bringing this up tonight is to ask you all to consider switching to Bloglovin' as your new reader before 1 July gets here. I sure would hate to lose you as a follower, but even more, I would hate for you to lose the blogs you love and follow via Google. I'm sure your blogs mean as much to you as my blogs mean to me -- they are a source of friendship, inspiration, glimpses into daily lives, and so much more. 

Take care and have a great weekend!

PS. Thanks to one of my sweet online friends, I've now learned something new and find that Bloglovin' does, indeed, have a list of ALL my blogs. Despite using the new reader for some time now, I'm still learning about it. I am now a "happy camper." All is well, once again, in my universe (smile)! Thank you so much, Jessi.


  1. Hi Jenee! I use bloglovin too, and it has a link at the top right for blogs imported from Reader - it says 'blogger-following'. It will automatically show just the unread blogs, but if you scroll to the bottom and select 'show read blogs' everyone should show up. Not in order, but at least they're there. I'm still figuring out all the bells & whistles over there :D

  2. Hey Jenee! I'm a blog lovin girl now! LOL